Garden Tasks to do this Winter

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For most gardeners, their work is not done when the harvest happens. There are several winter garden tasks to keep a gardener busy. Whether you already have a garden or you’re planning one next year, you’ll want to do these things while the weather is cold to ensure your garden is a success.

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Winter Garden Tasks to Prepare for Next Spring

Decide What You’re Planting – If you are planting more than a handful of seeds, you’ll want to take the colder months to decide what you’re planting, what type of gardening you’re doing and where you’re planting them. The colder months are perfect for planning your spring garden.

Do you need a little extra help planning? Check out this Super Easy Guide to Planning Your Garden Like a Pro!

Feed Your Compost Pile – If you have a compost pile, it won’t break down much during the winter months, but those colder times are great for building up the pile itself. Keep it turned and once the weather warms up, it will have a great start to building a rich compost for your plants. Just be sure you keep it turned. Otherwise, you will have uneven layers when the weather warms up.

Start Your Seeds – For seeds that are started indoors instead of directly sowed, you will start them during the winter months. Some will require being started earlier than others, but most will start during the month of February at the latest. Be sure you have a warming light ready for your starters so they stay warm and get off to a great start.

Buy Garden Supplies – Off-season sales are great for buying garden supplies you may be in need of at a discount. In fact, the winter months are a great time to pick up the higher dollar equipment you may want such as expensive compost bins or a garden tiller. Since they aren’t in active demand during the winter months, the prices typically drop by as much as 50%.

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