What Your Child Can Learn Starting a Plant from A Seed

What Your Child Can Learn Starting a Plant from Seed
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Gardening is an excellent opportunity to teach your child so many amazing things. When you start a homeschool garden with your child, you are opening an entire world of opportunity to teach them everything from how ecosystems work to how organic matter rots and break down. Even something as simple as starting a plant from a seed is a great learning opportunity for children. So much so that this activity is a common one in classrooms & homeschools around the world.

starting a plant from a seed

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Learn about the life cycle of a plant

Starting a plant from a seed is a great way to teach your child the entire life cycle of a plant. They can start that tiny seed and watch it grow and eventually produce seeds of its own. This process is a great way to observe and understand every life cycle better.

Learn about the parts of a plant

Starting a plant from seed, they get the opportunity to observe the parts of the plants growing at each stage. How the roots develop and grow to provide for the tiny little stalk. How those two small leaves help the plant create food working with the nutrients the roots collect to create the right balance that leads to more leaves and eventually flowers and fruit or seeds.

Bonus: Teaching Responsibility When Starting a Plant from a Seed

Starting a plant from seed is an excellent opportunity to teach your child about responsibility. If your child fails to water and feed that little seed, they will not get to a sizeable thriving plant. Seedlings are very prone to dying off if they are neglected.

When your child becomes invested in the growth of your garden from the tiniest little seed, they are more likely to be excited to be part of the entire process of growing your garden. Eventually, they may even be interested in the creation of meals from the plants that they started from tiny, tiny little seeds.

Seed to Plant Learning Resources

Favorite Books About Growing Seeds

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